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Wargaming made easy

The ultimate miniature storage and transport solution for Wargaming enthusiasts!

Protect your precious miniatures with our metallized storage Bags.

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Premium Quality

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Transport Boxes

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Iron Bottom

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Why Choose BBags?

No More Broken Miniatures: Say goodbye to foam-related disasters. BBags provide a secure and gentle home for your miniatures.

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Customized Storage

Our bags adapt to your miniatures' size and form, ensuring a snug fit.

Lightweight and Organized

Carry your miniatures effortlessly with lightweight metallized-bottom boxes.

Magnetized Miniatures

BBags are perfect for magnetized miniatures, keeping them in place during transport.

Versatile Carrying Options

Use them as backpacks or side bags for convenience on the go.


Our first and most simple carrying bag design.

  • Backpack Form
  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • One outer pocket (fits most codices and manuals)
  • Front load


More features

  • Side carrying bag
  • Lightweight
  • Water proof
  • Two outer pockets
  • Can be used together with BBag ONE
  • Top load


The heart of the BBags miniature transport

  • Tight sealed plastic box
  • Riveted iron bottom
  • Fits most miniatures up to 4" height
  • Can be used without magnets (ex. terrain carrying)
  • Dimensions: 30x15x12cm usable space (11.8"x5.9"x4.7")