About BBags: A Passion for Wargaming and Quality

Our Founder's Inspiration: BBags was born out of a passion for wargaming and a deep understanding of the needs of players. Our founder, Christian Rehren, found himself surrounded by wargaming enthusiasts, even though he wasn't a player himself. He began to closely observe the challenges and desires of players, and with a love for gaming, he was motivated to make a difference.

Meet Christian Rehren: Our CEO, Christian Rehren, is not only a passionate gamer but also a sound engineer and drummer. He hails from the beautiful town of Loncoche, Chile. Christian's diverse interests and expertise reflect our commitment to creativity and innovation.

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Our Mission and Vision:

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Mission: At BBags, our mission is clear: to make wargaming easy for players, so they can focus on playing and having fun. We understand that the real joy of wargaming comes from the battles and stories, not worrying about transportation or storage.

Vision: Our vision is to be the unwavering support for players around the world. We strive to provide the tools and solutions that enhance your gaming experience and keep your miniatures safe.

Our Approach to Quality:

Attention to Detail: At BBags, we focus on the little things that matter. We ask ourselves what would look fine, what would be simpler, and what would be resistant to the challenges of gaming. This attention to detail sets us apart in the market, ensuring that our products are designed with you in mind.

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Community Involvement:

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Embracing the Wargaming Community: We are more than just a brand; we are part of the wargaming community. Whether it's by playing alongside our fellow enthusiasts or providing support, we are deeply involved in the community, and that connection drives our commitment to excellence.

Our Core Values:

Simpler is Better: Our guiding principle is that simpler is better. We believe in offering straightforward solutions that make your wargaming experience hassle-free.

Global Reach:

Reaching Every Corner: Our ambition knows no boundaries. We are working tirelessly to bring BBags to every corner of the world. No matter where you are, our products are designed to reach you and enhance your gaming adventures.